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... For International Activists and Advocates

Whether you are a local, national or international activist and serious about making an impact at global policy levels, visit us at the NGO Academy. Understanding how to influence not just one person, but groups of people in complex environments is what the NGO Academy focuses on: Helping NGOs do their jobs better. Plus, whether focused on the UN, local business or providing community services, organizational leaders need many of the same core capacities and business skills. These are what we focus on in Global.onl.

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... Building Personal Mastery

Emotional Life Fitness (ELF) is largely about the journey from being Problem Experts to Solutions builders. Re-engaging life playfully yet with purpose, enables us to discover a kind of preposterous happiness! 

Our innate desires for autonomy, mastery and significance fuel our passions, energize our feet and show up in our native capacity to heal. When we frustrate any of these three, we start to experience stress, loss of self-worth and even depression. Developing the capacity to consistently enable our naturally creative energies to deal with the challenges life puts before us is central to Emotional Life Fitness.

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